2015 review: falling short doesn’t always mean failure

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the last 12 months and set goals for the coming year. My target for 2015 was to publish a post every fortnight — 26 posts for the year. Then I immediately sabotaged any chance of achieving this.

It's not failure, it's data

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All my writing efforts for the first few months went into creating Supercharged Notes. Like all creative projects, it was a longer, harder journey than the way it played out in my imagination before I started. I expected to release the book in January but didn’t complete the project until March. Judging by the positive feedback from many readers, it was worth the effort.

Instead of 26 blog posts, I finished the year with an ebook and 18 posts (including this one). Some of the reasons (excuses) I fell short were down to me. Others were outside of my control and I could never have anticipated them. But I don’t view this as a failure — far from it. I wouldn’t have come anywhere near my 22,000 word aggregate for the year if I hadn’t set this target.

Top 6 posts from 2015

Here’s a recap of the most popular posts I published this year. If there is one thing I’ve learned here, it’s that I am hopeless at predicting what people will find useful. Product reviews seem to be popular.

  1. MindNode 2 for Mac review — a fantastic mind mapping tool. A short review of my favorite mind mapping application.
  2. Review: Eva Enveloop — a refined wrap-style pen(cil) case. Keeps my pens organized and protected.
  3. How to open your most useful Evernote content with one click. Recall your most important notes with a single click or keystroke.
  4. Supercharged Notes ebook. I like to capture ideas on paper but store and search them with digital tools. This free ebook outlines the best techniques I’ve found to integrate analog and digital tools.
  5. Molecover review: a stylish leather Moleskine notebook cover. Protect and make your Moleskine notebook more functional with this well-crafted leather cover.
  6. How ideas come to life: a revealing look behind my writing process. I only published this last week, but it’s threatening to become one of my most popular posts.

Thank you all for reading and sharing my work. There are so many great writers out there. I’m honored that you’ve given a slice of your valuable reading time to me. Please send me a message or get in touch via Twitter if you have any questions, topic suggestions or burning issues you’d like me to cover.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and a productive 2016.

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