Hi. My name is John Scullen. Through this site, I’ll help you understand and apply a range of ideas and tools so that you can be more effective and productive in managing people, projects, and your time. I’ll cover tools and techniques that have worked well for me and I’m sure you’ll find them useful too. It’s my way of writing the guide book that I wish I had when I started managing teams.

John Scullen

Having spent much of my career working as an IT manager in higher education, I’ve been fortunate to work with many clever people. This environment created plenty of opportunities to kick ideas around with these talented and enlightened colleagues. In one of these conversations we canvassed the idea of sharing the content of these discussions with a wider audience. The end result is this blog. At this stage it’s just an experiment, but I’m looking forward to see what unfolds.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m always happy to hear any feedback or ideas for future posts which might help you. Use the contact form to get in touch.