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5 ways to pay yourself first (that aren’t about money)

Pay yourself first is a fundamental principle for building financial assets. You save some money — however small the amount — as soon as you receive income. These consistent, small contributions eventually grow into a sizeable financial asset with the aid of compound interest. If you don’t pay yourself first, expenses have a nasty habit of growing to match (or exceed) your income. If you plan to save what’s left at the end of the pay period, your balance rarely grows. This idea also works in other aspects of life. What would happen if you also paid yourself first when...

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5 things learning guitar has taught me about life

Learning to play an instrument even moderately well takes effort, discipline and focus. I’m learning this all over again as our son tortures us during his first months of violin lessons. Great artists make difficult pieces look effortless. It’s not until you attempt some of these pieces that you realise how much work is required to reach and maintain this level of proficiency. Studies have identified many benefits associated with learning an instrument. Playing music is one of my favourite ways to unwind when I get stressed out and it’s been a source of pleasure for me and for audiences...