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google timer - set timer 15 min

4 ways to use Google’s online timer

Google is an awesome search engine but it has other practical applications which are not quite so obvious. Google Timer can help you to focus on a task for a period of time without continually watching the clock. Sure, you can set a timer on a smartphone, but the countdown timer is faster and easier if you’re already working in a browser. I’ve even created TextExpander snippets for time intervals I frequently use. How to start the countdown timer Just type set timer followed by a time interval into the Google search box. Here’s some examples to try out: set...

arrow on the road

Move forward on the things that matter most with these 4 steps

Sometimes it can feel like the world is conspiring to thwart you in achieving the things that really matter in your life. The goals that are most important to us are often complex and take us into unfamiliar territory. While ultimately good for us, being stretched into new areas is often uncomfortable and this can create a level of resistance toward engaging with these goals. Existing commitments , interruptions from colleagues and the latest crisis can also quickly derail any momentum that we may have worked up. I’ve found these steps to be helpful to keep progress toward important outcomes...