REVISITED: Quickly search everything in OmniFocus with one shortcut key

I’m clearly not the only one who has moments when I’m not sure where (or if) I stashed a task in OmniFocus. The original post generated more interest than I expected. It didn’t seem right that such a handy function should only be available to OmniFocus Pro users. OmniFocus Standard edition users can now join the party too.

Edi’s comment on Kourosh Dini’s Using OmniFocus site steered me toward another way of solving the problem. This new approach doesn’t use a custom perspective, so it works in the OmniFocus Standard edition.

Find In OmniFocus Revisited

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I started using the custom perspective long before discovering Keyboard Maestro. Because of this, minimizing keystrokes was a priority. Manually executing this new approach would have driven me bonkers, but it’s not an issue with Keyboard Maestro.

The process

Here’s what we need to automate:

  1. Choose Perspectives > Projects from the OmniFocus menu to activate the project view.
  2. Select any of your projects in the sidebar. We’ll use the keyboard shortcut Option-Command-1 in the macro.
  3. Press Command-A to select all projects.
  4. Press Option-Command-F to activate the search box in the toolbar.

Automate the process with Keyboard Maestro

Here’s what it looks like in Keyboard Maestro. I’ve carried through the logic from the original macro to start OmniFocus if it’s not already running.

The download file now includes both versions of the macro so you can use whichever is appropriate:

  1. Download the archive file and double-click in your Downloads folder.
  2. Open the Keyboard-Maestro-Macros-master folder.
  3. Double-click OmniFocus – Find All (standard).kmmacros to open the macro in Keyboard Maestro.
"Find All (standard)" Keyboard Maestro macro details

“Find All (standard)” Keyboard Maestro macro details (click to enlarge)

All you need to do is to assign a keyboard shortcut (1) that works for you.

Check out the original post for more details.

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  1. August 26, 2016

    […] Update (26 Aug 2016): I’ve found a different way to achieve the same result in the Standard edition of OmniFocus. Details here. […]

  2. August 27, 2016

    […] Update 2016-08-26: John has made a part 2 to his post based on Edi’s comment below. Check it out here. […]

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