Evoke the perfect atmosphere with Jukedeck’s new features

Jukedeck is a clever tool for creating unique, royalty-free soundtracks. These soundtracks add ambience to your video presentations without sounding like everyone else’s. Jukedeck has added a stack of new features since my earlier review. These additions give you more control over the composition, so the resulting soundtracks match the visuals even better than before.

photo credit: freestocks.org via unsplash cc

photo credit: freestocks.org via unsplash cc

Edit existing compositions

This is the one I was waiting for. You can now change your opus after you’ve created it!

Before, you had to get everything right the first time. Each composition was a unique snowflake. There were a few times I’d generated the perfect soundtrack only to realize a few last-minute tweaks were needed. When this changed the length of the video, it meant starting again and generating a new track. Subsequent compositions never seemed to capture the mood quite as well as the original.

Now you can adjust the duration or the tempo and your track is rebuilt with your changes.

Set the climax point

The soundtrack can now reinforce the visual story by synchronizing the sonic and visual climaxes. Enter a timestamp and your composition’s intensity will peak at this point with extra instruments, more complex rhythms, and crescendos.

New musical genres

Piano, silent, cinematic, and pop join the existing set of genres. This wider spectrum of choices improves your odds of composing a soundtrack that conveys the desired atmosphere.

Jukedeck composition options screen

Jukedeck offers enough options to fine-tune your composition without being overwhelming (click to enlarge).

Revised plans

Revised pricing plans have removed the monthly download restriction for free accounts. Individuals and small businesses can download as many free tracks as you like providing you credit Jukedeck. For just $0.99 you can download and use your compositions without attribution. Pricing is higher for larger businesses.

Wrap up

There are other improvements, but these are the most significant. Jukedeck is a fascinating service and I wish the company continued success. Even if you don’t need to create music for video or slide presentations, have a play with Jukedeck just to see what it’s capable of. Seriously impressive.

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