Mac convert tip #3: Dealing with missing keys

Something isn’t quite right about the Mac keyboard. My PC keyboard has a useful block of keys above the cursor keys which aren’t present on my MacBook Air. I frequently used these keys for editing and navigation. Fortunately, these commands are still accessible on the Mac with some additional finger gymnastics.

MacBook keyboard

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Function Windows Mac
Move one word left Ctrl+ option+
Move one word right Ctrl+ option+
Move to beginning of current line Home command+
Move to end of current line End command+
Page up Page Up fn+
Page down Page Down fn+
Move to beginning of document Ctrl+Home command+
Move to end of document Ctrl+End command+


The absence of a dedicated forward delete key still has me scratching my head. delete on a Mac is equivalent to Backspace on a PC. fn+ delete is the way to delete characters in front of the insertion point.

Function Windows Mac
Delete to right of cursor (forward delete) Delete fn+delete

Screen capture

Function Windows Mac
Capture screen to clipboard Print Screen command+control+shift+3
Capture current application to clipboard Alt+Print Screen command+control+shift+4
Click the window to be captured

There’s a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcut keys at the Apple support site. This should get you started though.

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