Molecover review: a stylish leather Moleskine notebook cover

A large, hardcover Moleskine notebook is my weapon of choice for capturing notes and ideas. Before switching to a notebook I used a Franklin Covey planner for many years. It was huge, but it had pockets and sleeves for just about anything you might want to carry. A notebook with a single rear pocket felt really restrictive at first. So I went looking for a leather cover which provided some extra storage without being bulky. Enter Molecover.

Molecover: a stylish leather Moleskine notebook cover

Molecover: a stylish leather Moleskine notebook cover

Molecover is a simple but stylish leather cover for Moleskine notebooks. Covers are available in black, tan or white for large and pocket-sized Moleskine notebooks. The thin leather adds only a few millimetres to an uncovered Moleskine. Stitching and leatherwork are both precise and neat.

White, black and tan Molecovers

White, black and tan Molecovers (via

This high-quality product, backed by a lifetime guarantee from the Toronto-based company, should last for many years. I’ve used mine every day since it arrived in February 2011 and it shows few signs of wear. I expect it has decades of life left yet. Black conceals coffee shop table grime well. The others colours will need more maintenance if you want to keep them looking clean.

The precise fit makes covering your first notebook somewhat challenging. After encasing two or three Moleskines the leather stretches and inserting notebooks becomes much easier.

The rear sleeve has a slot for the notebook’s elastic strap to pass through. This feature lets you continue using the strap to keep the notebook closed with the Molecover on. The clever sleeve design also permits full access to the Moleskine’s rear pocket.

How to put the Molecover on your notebook  (click for larger view)

How to put the Molecover on your notebook (click for larger view)

The front creates an extra pocket which I use for a few business cards or to hold receipts and paper I’ve collected through the day.

Store extra business cards or paperwork in the front pocket

Store extra business cards or paperwork in the front pocket

A standard Moleskine doesn’t provide a way to easily store you pen with your notebook. Products like the Quiver have emerged to solve this problem. I’m not sure it’s intentional, but Molecover solves the issue in a different way. The Molecover extends a few millimetres past the notebook cover. This creates a channel along the top edge. I just tuck my pen under the elastic loop and it stays there securely. It’s never come loose in my bag or walking between meetings.

If you like experimenting with different brands or sizes of notebooks, Molecover might not be for you. Committed Moleskine users won’t go wrong with a Molecover.


  • Product: Molecover — a precision cut, leather cover for Moleskine notebooks
  • Sizes: available for Moleskine’s pocket and large-sized notebooks
  • Colours: black, tan or white
  • Price: $50 includes international shipping and lifetime guarantee
  • Unexpected benefit: provides a simple, secure way to keep your pen attached to your notebook
  • Recommendation: Committed Moleskine users should definitely consider Molecover

Disclosure: The opinions expressed in this review are my own. I purchased this product and have no relationship with Molecover.

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  1. David says:

    Great review, most helpful.

  2. Stan says:

    May I ask what brand pen is featured with your moleskin above? I am having difficulty finding the right pen.

    • John Scullen says:

      Hi Stan. That’s a Karas Kustoms Retrakt in brass. I really like it but at 64 grams, it’s heavy. It’s great for short writing sessions but if you’re going to do a lot of writing I’d suggest getting one of the aluminium models.

      Thanks for stopping by. John.

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