Review: Cesar Abeid’s “Project Management For You” (plus a special bonus)

For much of my career, I’ve managed projects. At first they were simple solo gigs but have progressively grown in complexity, size and cost. When I started my career there were people called project managers in the construction industry, but that was about it. Projects have become more important as knowledge work has played a larger role in the economy. Today it seems like nearly everyone manages some kind of project.

Project Management For You (Cesar Abeid)

Project Management For You (Cesar Abeid)

But there is a gulf between the back-of-an-envelope planning and industrial-strength methodologies like PRINCE2 and PMBOK which are robust enough for space missions. Cesar Abeid aims to fill that gap with his new book, Project Management For You.

I discovered this book when Erik Fisher interviewed Cesar on his Beyond the To Do List podcast. Cesar describes how he applied project management principles to create a Kickstarter campaign, and to write and publish the book.

Professional project management resources are often dense tomes of impenetrable jargon which serve as wonderful insomnia cures. Project Management For You is not one of those books. I had planned on a quick skim of the book this morning, but I was sucked in and finished it in one sitting.

Project Management For You explains how to apply project management principles to bring your ideas into reality. A variety of personal and business examples effectively illustrate the concepts. Cesar emphasises project management as a process. There is little coverage of tools, but you don’t need anything more complex than a spreadsheet (and perhaps mind mapping software) to plan your project.

Professional project managers won’t get a lot from this book, but I still found it to be a useful refresher. Small business operators, freelancers and knowledge workers may find it particularly useful. The process is also applicable to the complexity of everyday life. It will help you bring structure to complex projects you might tackle like buying a new house and completing the move, planning an overseas holiday, switching careers, establishing a business, creating a new product, or building a website.

The book covers all the project management essentials including:

  • What is a project? It might be different from what you expect.
  • Defining the outcome.
  • Defining the components (decomposing the project).
  • Defining the work.
  • Estimating.
  • Managing risks.
  • Leading a team.
  • Communicating with stakeholders.
  • Managing changes.
  • Reviewing and learning.
  • Closing the project

Project Management For You is a short, easy to read book which will give you a framework for improving the outcome of your projects. The Kindle book is normally $9.99, but is available for 99 cents until midnight on October 31. (You don’t need a Kindle e-Reader. The Kindle App works on any device). Forward your Amazon receipt to and he’ll send you the bonus audio book version.

If you have even the slightest interest in understanding more about project management, jump on this before Saturday.

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5 Responses

  1. Cesar Abeid says:

    John, thank you so much for the delightful review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book – I’m honoured.

  2. Tushar says:

    Hi, thank you for explaining about the book I agree with your point that Professional project management resources are often dense tomes of impenetrable jargon which serve as wonderful insomnia cures. the best part in this is about leading team thank you for this it is very helpful to me.

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