Roadmap Planner v2 introduces iOS app, syncing and new features

Things can change quickly with software. A few weeks back I reviewed Roadmap Planner from KeepSolid. They’ve been hard at work and have just released:

  • Roadmap Planner v2;
  • Roadmap Planner for iOS;
  • a sync service; and
  • a new business model.
Roadmap Planner banner

photo credit: supplied by KeepSolid

Roadmap Planner for macOS

New features

Roadmap Planner v2 fills several gaps I discussed in my earlier review.

The export function has taken a big step forward. Version 2 adds JPG and PNG export to version 1’s PDF format. Exporting is more flexible. You can selectively export project bands and nominate a date range if you don’t need the entire plan.

Roadmap Planner export screen

Export dialog – you can now export in JPG and PNG formats with greater control over the output.

While the interface hasn’t changed much, there are big changes behind the scenes with the arrival of a new sync service. Not only can you sync between devices, it also facilitates collaboration with others as you’re building a plan. KeepSolid has built their own sync service rather than using third-party services. There’s no option to sync via the usual suspects like Dropbox.

Business model changes

The sync service also opened the door for a new business model and Roadmap Planner has moved to a subscription-based model. A 21-day free trial provides access the full service including sync, collaboration, and support. This should give you more than enough time to kick the tires and see if Roadmap Planner meets your needs.

Pricing plans start from $0.99 per month and offer more flexibility than the previous one-size-fits-all model. KeepSolid informed me that existing users will receive a free one-year subscription with access to all features.

Room for improvement

When considering any cloud service, you must look at the options for getting your data out. While you can export PDFs or images, that’s not going to help if you outgrow Roadmap Planner and want to move to a more industrial-strength project planning tool. Roadmap Planner still lacks a method for exporting data in formats like OPML or CSV for importing into other tools.

There are no new text formatting options in this release. The challenges mentioned in my earlier review are still there.

I don’t have any inside information, but I expect KeepSolid will address these gaps in future releases.

Roadmap Planner for iOS home screen

Roadmap Planner for iOS home screen (click to enlarge).

Roadmap Planner for iOS

Along with the macOS release, KeepSolid has also launched the first iOS version of Roadmap Planner.

After some teething problems (related to using early beta versions) syncing has worked reliably for the documents I’ve tested. Moving and modifying tasks is straightforward with the touch interface, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for creating a new roadmap. The interface works well enough, but there are areas that could do with further refinement. Most features of the desktop application are supported in the iOS counterpart.


This release is a positive step forward and sets the foundation for future development. I’m hopeful we’ll see more formatting and data import / export options now that the big jobs of building a sync service and an iOS app are done. The free trial is an important addition and the iOS app will appeal to new customers.

Roadmap Planner is available from the iOS App Store and Mac App Store.

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