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It's not failure, it's data

2015 review: falling short doesn’t always mean failure

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the last 12 months and set goals for the coming year. My target for 2015 was to publish a post every fortnight — 26 posts for the year. Then I immediately sabotaged any chance of achieving this. All my writing efforts for the first few months went into creating Supercharged Notes. Like all creative projects, it was a longer, harder journey than the way it played out in my imagination before I started. I expected to release the book in January but didn’t complete the project...

Eva Enveloop pen(cil) case

Review: Eva Enveloop — a refined wrap-style pen(cil) case

The Japanese seem to have a thing about stationery. Perhaps the cultural significance of calligraphy is behind this fascination. Whatever the reason, Japan produces many quality stationery products which are unusual, yet functional. The Eva Enveloop pencil case from pencils.jp is one of them. My requirements I don’t mind spending extra on products I enjoy using — especially things I use often. I prefer to take notes by hand and I’ve picked up a few nice pens for this job. Nothing outrageously expensive, but a lot more than the cut-price trophies you’re likely to score in a raid on the...