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How to make ForkLift 3 the default file viewer

How to make ForkLift 3 the default file viewer

A few people have asked me whether you can make ForkLift 3 the default application for file management tasks. You can, but the behavior can be inconsistent between different Macs. Changing this setting will cause applications that have a Reveal in Finder or Open in Finder command to redirect those actions to ForkLift. Commands from applications like Alfred and LaunchBar that display results in a Finder window appear in ForkLift instead. This works for the most part but the behavior isn’t always consistent. Some applications don’t use the operating system default setting and they will continue to do their own...

ForkLift 3 is the best dual-pane Finder replacement I've used

Give your file management a boost with ForkLift 3

Before macOS Sierra, Finder had no option to list folders and files separately1. I’m still using El Capitan because of other dependencies and viewing folders mixed in with files really grinds my gears. And I still can’t understand the logic behind using return to rename a file or folder instead of opening it. Fortunately, several third-party Finder replacements have emerged to fill these gaps. Finder alternatives either extend Finder’s native functionality (like XtraFinder and Total Finder) or run as stand-alone applications (like ForkLift and PathFinder). XtraFinder was a capable solution to my gripes for several years. When Apple introduced System...

File folders in a records centre

Mac convert tip #5: Fix Finder frustrations with XtraFinder

The smallest things can sometimes cause the greatest friction. It’s a very close call as to which Finder “feature” is responsible for the most expletives since I switched to Mac about six months ago. The contenders are: using return to rename files instead of opening them; and alphabetical sorting which mixes folders together with files. I prefer the Windows approach of displaying folders ahead of any files. Thankfully, a recent discovery has resolved both these frustrations. Perhaps it’s just conditioning from using Windows for so long, but grouping folders together ahead of files makes more sense to me. Judging by...