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Wandering in the fog

Why you need to write down the outcomes behind your projects

Let’s face it, writing down the desired outcome or why a pursuit is worthwhile can seem unnecessary — especially when it’s your project. At the start the reasons for pursuing a project are clear. You understand why the work is important and have a picture of the steps needed to get there. There is a temptation to just dive in and get on with it. But as the months roll on, new team members get involved, stakeholders want to change the scope and unforeseen obstacles hinder your progress. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. A written statement...

Double rainbow over the beach

3 unexpected benefits of GTD

My own experience has validated that the benefits of GTD are real. Since incorporating these principles into my work habits 4 years ago, the challenges I outlined which led me to explore GTD have either been eliminated or significantly reduced. Improved response to changing priorities and a greater sense of control are welcome, but I also discovered three benefits which were completely unexpected. Permission to stop trying to remember everything. Somewhere along the way I started believing that I should be able to remember just about anything that was potentially relevant. Maybe it was a by-product of the emphasis on...

Fire-fighter hoses down inferno

The day my system exploded (and how I discovered GTD)

The reality wasn’t quite as spectacular, but that’s how it felt. It happened so gradually that the deterioration was imperceptible until one day I looked back and realised my whole way of working was no longer working. The workflow system I’d used for more than a decade had crashed and burned. Let’s rewind 15 years or so. I remember remonstrating with a former supervisor about the state of her inbox. “How can you work with that much stuff in there? You should clean it up!” My inbox now looked exactly the same — thousands of messages, hundreds of them still...