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Archery targets

6 simple steps to setting successful targets

Targets help focus attention towards the outcomes that matter most. I’ve written this post from an organizational perspective, but you can also apply these ideas to personal goals. Clear, measurable targets are a valuable tool for improving individual and organizational performance. Nebulous, fuzzy targets cause unnecessary work and stress. Reducing ambiguity takes some extra work, but will produce more meaningful and effective results in the long run. Well-constructed targets have the following six elements: 1. The Axes If you draw your target as a graph, the horizontal axis represents time, and the vertical axis describes the measurement unit for your...

Business woman

How to get started in management (even if you have no experience)

“How can I ever get experience if no one will take a chance on me so I can gain some experience?” This is a dilemma that many face when trying to move into a management role. I asked this question more than once early in my career and revisited it recently with a colleague who was grappling with the same issue. Managers are entrusted with responsibility for an organisation’s people and resources. Those appointing new managers want to be confident they are placing the organisation’s resources in capable hands. Prior experience is still the most accurate predictor of whether someone...