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TWSBI medium notebook with Franklin Christoph Model 02 (click to enlarge)

TWSBI notebook review: superb paper, questionable construction

After I went down the fountain pen rabbit hole, I quickly realised it was time to find a better notebook. I’d used Moleskine notebooks for years, but the paper isn’t exactly fountain pen friendly. This post details my experience with the medium-sized TWSBI notebook1 as a potential replacement. Pros 240 pages of off-white paper that works beautifully with fountain pens. A well-presented softcover notebook that lays flat. Concerns Flimsy elastic closure strap. Binding was shoddy on this particular notebook. No hardcover option. Appearance and first impressions The notebooks have a soft, black, leatherette cover stamped front and back with the...

It's not failure, it's data

2015 review: falling short doesn’t always mean failure

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the last 12 months and set goals for the coming year. My target for 2015 was to publish a post every fortnight — 26 posts for the year. Then I immediately sabotaged any chance of achieving this. All my writing efforts for the first few months went into creating Supercharged Notes. Like all creative projects, it was a longer, harder journey than the way it played out in my imagination before I started. I expected to release the book in January but didn’t complete the project...

Molecover: a stylish leather Moleskine notebook cover

Molecover review: a stylish leather Moleskine notebook cover

A large, hardcover Moleskine notebook is my weapon of choice for capturing notes and ideas. Before switching to a notebook I used a Franklin Covey planner for many years. It was huge, but it had pockets and sleeves for just about anything you might want to carry. A notebook with a single rear pocket felt really restrictive at first. So I went looking for a leather cover which provided some extra storage without being bulky. Enter Molecover. Molecover is a simple but stylish leather cover for Moleskine notebooks. Covers are available in black, tan or white for large and pocket-sized...