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Nathan campus Red Zone

8 productivity lessons from the Red Zone project

Projects are a field of opportunity for learning. They offer scope for experimentation that’s difficult to incorporate into the business-as-usual world. Capturing project lessons lets you refine and promulgate techniques that worked well and identify things to do differently next time. All worthwhile project management methodologies include a process for recording learnings. It’s also one of the most frequently bypassed processes. A backlog of new initiatives means project managers are whisked off to their next assignment well before the first project wraps up. The Star Wars movies illustrate what happens when you don’t learn from past experience1. To close the...

Nathan campus Red Zone

The high-tech space that will make you see red

Last June, Griffith University opened the doors on the Red Zones — two of the most unusual facilities you are likely to see. These spaces apply innovative design and technology to showcase the University’s research and teaching expertise. I had the privilege of managing this ambitious project and wanted to record my experiences before the next big project consumes all my time. This post reveals the ambitions, design considerations and some of my favorite content pieces. I’ll explore some of the many lessons a project as complex as this provides in a future post. The project combined the skills of...