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Nathan campus Red Zone

The high-tech space that will make you see red

Last June, Griffith University opened the doors on the Red Zones — two of the most unusual facilities you are likely to see. These spaces apply innovative design and technology to showcase the University’s research and teaching expertise. I had the privilege of managing this ambitious project and wanted to record my experiences before the next big project consumes all my time. This post reveals the ambitions, design considerations and some of my favorite content pieces. I’ll explore some of the many lessons a project as complex as this provides in a future post. The project combined the skills of...

Level controls on a mixing desk

How to apply the project success criteria

Last time I talked about the seven project success criteria. Now let’s look at how to put it to work. Ask 10 different stakeholders what success means to them and you’ll probably find 15 different answers. This tool provides a simple method for stakeholders to express what can otherwise be difficult to convey. It’s then possible to have a discussion about the views of different groups and move toward a common understanding of success among stakeholders. The process You can use this process with any project stakeholders. Even if you do it with no one else, use it with the...

Planning the green energy Death Star

On time and on budget… is that all you want?

Deliver your project on time and on budget and it must be successful, right? In the project world, success has more facets than these common measures. I’ve seen several projects that would be considered successful by the on time, on budget definition. But you might rethink this conclusion if I added that half the team left the organisation because of the brutal approach employed to hit the deadline, that project outputs weren’t adopted by customers, and that the project produced no lasting change. These projects actually destroyed value by consuming resources which could have been used elsewhere to greater effect....